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Founded in 2012, since its inception, it has been set up as a professional semiconductor company specializing in design, manufacturing, production and back-end solutions, providing full-range consulting services for upstream and downstream customers, without worries, from product definition and discussion \ best process process selection \ circuit design \ circuit layout \ reliability analysis \ application scheme design, and customers to coexist and prosper together in today's fast-changing terminal application market, and grow hand in hand。

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IC Design & Foundry Service

The R&D team comes from well-known research institutes in Taiwan, and has accumulated more than 80 years of front-line design experience in the industry, with a large number of successful cases and Silicon Appliance experience and IP architecture, which effectively improves the R&D speed, reduces the risk of errors, and assists customers to give full play to the fastest order receiving benefits.。

PMIC & Charge Control ICs

MCU base with charge management IC and Li-ion battery protetion ICs!

DC-DC Converter IC

High efficiency Dc-DC converter ICs with High sustainableinput voltage


BIPOLAR and CMOS process LDO series products, from 1117 full voltage output CMOS process soft start and ultra-low Iq, 40V BCD process product series with a variety of design options


From low-voltage 30V MOS products to 1700V SiC Schottky diodes\field-effect transistors MOSFETs and opto-coupled switches Photo Coupler ICS

IC and PCBA Back- end Solution

Package types range from SOP to SOT23/89/223, to DFN QFN, and 220 252 247 3P, which are commonly used in high-power devices, etc., with our software and hardware design engineers from finished product design to MCU software and firmware coordination, PCB wiring trial production and BSMI and multi-national safety regulations, and even mass production

Metal Coating Patent Co-Op

Efficient computing is accompanied by the junction temp temperature generated by high-frequency power supply\memory memory overclocking processing applications, and the gas\liquid cooling system in the BAREBONE barebonese system, but how to conduct the heat generated by the chip to the IC surface through the EPOXY to accelerate convection and radiation with the active cooling system more effectively, improve the efficiency and extend the life; At this stage, the same SOLUTION PROVIDER uses 5~8um nickel film to achieve this purpose by sticking 5~8um nickel film on the surface, however, the heat dissipation coefficient of nickel is low, the adhesive medium reduces heat conduction, and the production efficiency is low and the cost is high; Our patentedmetal film thickness is only 0.2um, using the heat dissipation material for better heat dissipation coefficient and cheaper metal aluminum, supplemented by production technology can be used in IC packaging (IN-LINE PROESS) or post-package (POST-PROCESS) to process heat dissipation coating, flexible process, high efficiency, and very low cost.

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Battery Management ICs

The product series ranges from the most entry-level single-cell lithium battery cell charging management to high withstand voltage (32V) with multiple protection functions such as reverse connection protection \ overvoltage protection, the high withstand voltage design of the battery end pin can reach 16V, and can prevent the battery from backcharging and automatic recharging of VCC voltage, which greatly improves the processing reliability of the battery motherboard and can realize 28V hot insertion. In addition, there are also 2-in-1 ICs for charge management and charge protection, which are designed for height and range and narrow layout space, especially suitable for handheld and wearable product applications

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The low-voltage PMOSFET and NMOS series products have low on-resistance and a variety of package forms for different applications, and the ultra-high-voltage silicon carbide (SiC) series products include Schottky diodes and FETs, which are also suitable for high-bandwidth and high-energy applications with high voltage and high current

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The R&D team has a master's degree in EE from the top university in China, and has served in related fields of the industry for more than 15 years in line design and integration, combined with the close contact with the wafer factory to update the latest process process information, and has a number of successful mass production achievements in standard CMOS and medium and high voltage BCD processes, linear power supplies. Mock. Digital, mixed signal and other applications with timely MPW/MLM services to help customers reduce risks, improve efficiency, and achieve a win-win situation of timeliness to market and volume as soon as possible

More Services

IC Assembly/ Test

DFN~ TO247

Turnkry Solution and PCBA Design

Hard/ Software One- Stop Services

IC Heat Sinking Coating Solution

From entry PMIC to HPS devices